Non-profits ftw.

*(Okay, I meant Baloney, I just prefer that spelling)

I might be getting my second tattoo this weekend. The local tattoo shop (Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival) is doing this thing where their proceeds go to charity. It’s a worthy cause AND a justification for getting this done!

I love getting ink way too much.

I’ve always been curious about this. Mostly because I am tattooed. Not that any answers affect how I feel about my tattoo, I’ve just been thinking about this lately.

Do you find tattoos attractive? Like, do they make a girl (or guy) more sexy?

You know, this one?

Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to get it in my mom’s handwriting. And she might get the same in my handwriting. 

God, we’re cute. I love her so much.

It would be this:

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Finally got around to documenting this shit.  

“I guess I’m just used to being in my own skin.”
- Rick Genest for Dermablend Pro.

This man is one of my idols. 

Canvas  by  andbamnan